Eight benefits of genuine leather shoes

Eight benefits of genuine leather shoes

It's a strange thing - the 20th century discovered many artificial materials that are used in different spheres of human life, but the best shoes, like centuries ago, are made of leather. The production technique is being perfected, new types of footwear appear, but well-known fashion designers and factories also choose natural leather to create high-quality footwear. What makes it unattainable for other materials? We parse the advantages of leather shoes on the shelves.

No. 1 Strength and reliability

Leather shoes are durable and reliable. Leather, as a natural material, easily adapts to the leg, does not deform, withstands constant folds and stretching.
No. 2 Wear resistance

If we compare leather shoes with shoes made from other common materials, then the first one will last 2-4 times longer. The same leatherette does not withstand temperature changes and quickly bursts, is not adapted to "imperfect" weather, so shoes made of such material have to be changed frequently.

No. 3 Security

Of course, artificial materials in shoes should be safe for the feet, but when we don't know what exactly the pair is made of, doubts remain. The unknown is scary. And when buying shoes made of genuine leather, we are sure that it will not melt in the sun and will not release hazardous substances when interacting with outdoor reagents.

No. 4 Simple care

Yes, yes, oddly enough, natural leather is easier to care for than artificial. Usually we do not take care of cheap leatherette shoes, which is why they wear out even faster. Leather shoes only need to be cleaned of dirt and dried, sometimes using care products. Read more about the rules of caring for shoes made of genuine leather in the article "Caring for leather shoes."

№5 Both in winter and in summer

Natural material withstands the effects of aggressive external environment well, it is adapted to slush, cold and heat. The pores allow leather shoes to breathe. Natural ventilation removes excess moisture, normalizes the temperature, so the foot is not cold in winter, and not hot in summer. We are talking, of course, about shoes that are appropriate for the weather; you should not wear summer shoes in the cold.

No. 6 Foot comfort

Soft leather shoes change shape to fit the foot of a particular person, stretch and pull depending on the size of the foot. Such properties of natural leather make it possible to produce mass models that fit each customer's feet as if they were made to order.

No. 7 Ease of processing

Genuine leather is an ideal material for footwear, which is why both designer pairs and mass models are created from it. After processing, the material has an even structure, easily changes shape, allows the designer to bring to life even extravagant ideas.

No. 8 Appearance

Shine, smoothness or even pile of different types of leather - quality shoes are immediately visible. Natural material does not need to be mixed with glue, it is even and homogeneous. With proper care, leather shoes do not lose their original qualities and retain their attractive appearance for a long time.

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