Dressing kids can be a tad bit tiring, particularly during the summer. All kids are different, some are sweaty, some have hypersensitive skin, some like extra comfort, some are in for looks… The list is endless, and when dressing them, all these come to play. Our fabric of choice today plays more than just the role of making completely durable fabrics.  It's fluffy, naturally white and yes, cotton is a plant. Its acquisition is labor-intensive, particularly during harvesting, but the rewards are unmistakably outstanding.

Cotton is processed into a fabric that is used to make several pieces of clothing, however, unlike most other fabrics that are popular only for their look and feel, this one has other fun benefits that make it perfect for the child under the summer sun.

  1. It is Hypo-Allergenic

Being made from natural sources, cotton-based fabrics go quite well with hypers-sensitive skin. Hypersensitive skin is skin that has an allergic reaction to most fabrics or elements. The cotton fabric does not cause any irritation or discomfort when worn by people with extremely reactive skin. This makes cotton clothes for kids, especially undergarments such as pants and vests.

  1. Perspiration and Temperature Regulation: Cotton Breathes

Yes, you read that right. Cotton fabric breathes; which means it allows free movement of air through its tiny holes. Therefore, it controls the level of perspiration that occurs. Young ones tend to be playful, sleepy, and sweaty both ways, especially during the summer. When selecting clothes for kids, one must keep this in mind. Polyester, and many other fabrics, tend to not only soak and show embarrassingly noticeable sweat patterns but also trap in the hot air being released from the child's overheated body. You can almost feel the effects of this from your reading-place. The heat buildup… Cotton's breathable properties allow it to regulate the perspiration of a child, thus aiding in the regulation of the child's temperature. This makes it perfect for kids' blankets during that warm night beneath the summer stars.

  1. It is Durable.

Major fun fact. Cotton is one of the few extremely durable fabrics, even when put in machine wash. Cotton retains its shape. Unlike other fabrics that either stretch out or shrink, this wonder fabric holds its ground to washing temperatures of up to 40°c. So, that gym class T will certainly still fit next year.

  1. Cotton does not Smell

You know them, but hopefully not: Most fabrics smell of sweat even post 3 washes. Cotton, however, doesn't hold on to any smells, meaning, it is fresh post every laundry session. Remember that gym class T? Maybe it can take a few more years. *wink*

When shopping, always go for fabric with 60% or higher cotton content for full cotton benefits. First clozet is one of the stores where one can get quality cotton clothes and kids blanket USA.


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