We DO want children to grow up and develop healthy. We enjoyed every minute of our lives. From the correct development of your child's feet, his health as a whole directly depends. Therefore, we will try to explain in more detail how to buy children's shoes, namely preventive ones and why they are needed. Take sandals, for example. Summer shoes can be visually probed. Children's shoes with preventive properties are primarily proactive. These shoes are best purchased for babies who are taking their first steps and for children under six years of age. It is at this age that it is important to support the growth and development of your baby. Your child's legs will develop in the right direction and in the future you will not have to decide on the treatment of flat feet, clubfoot and other abnormalities. You will save precious time and money, and your baby will grow up healthy.


- Block (base). - Reinforced and slightly inflated heel counter. - The clasp should be comfortable and easily adjust the child's leg lift. - Insole with a well-defined and optimally elastic instep support. - Thomas's heel that anticipates clubfoot.


D0ctors say that if children's shoes have the correct last and the correct instep support, an elastic heel is not necessary. Of course, provided that the child does not start clubfoot. Our recommendation is to purchase such shoes. Each of our pair of children's shoes has the correct last, a slightly inflated, rigid heel counter and the correct instep support, with an antibacterial leather insole.


If this happens, then you need to consult a podiatrist. In this case, you need to shoe the child in special shoes with Thomas heels and an inflated hard back while fixing the leg well.


Is recommend: summer shoes should have a maximum margin of one centimeter, that is, the golden mean is 0.5-1 centimeter and in no case more. Demi-season shoes should also be bought with a margin of up to 1 centimeter. Winter shoes are allowed up to 1.5 centimeters due to the woolen cover. In the winter season, the child's legs should be warm and comfortable.

The explanation for these figures is the most elementary. If the size is too large, the fullness of the shoe will also not correspond to the fullness of the child's leg. It will not be possible to fix the leg well in the shoe. The instep support will move forward and interfere with movement. The child's gait will immediately become clumsy, running and walking will be difficult, frequent stumbling on level ground will lead to possible falls and bruises. In this case, the shoes will wear out twice as fast. As you can see, you cannot save money on the purchase of shoes for growth, and it is very easy to cause harm by this. Our online store FIRST CLOZET with pleasure and great attention will help you choose the right size and model for your baby.


  • Estos zapatos son muy cómodos y suaves para niños. Yo he los comprado para mi hija y le gusta mucho. Son los cómodos especialmente para los niños muy activos. Yo recomiendo los para todos los niños, nunca te arrepentirás.

    Dilyara Montoya
  • It seems to me that parents really should buy good leather shoes for their beloved children and not skimp on quality, it is very true!

    Pavel Melnichkin

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