Health is an important factor for a happy and fulfilling life, and every parent knows how fragile and precarious the health of a little baby is. In addition to such obvious things as proper nutrition, educational games, communication with peers (if the child is over 3 years old), sleep schedule, walking in the air, you should also pay attention to the choice of clothes for your child.
The well-being of the baby will depend on this choice, because his skin is sensitive, thin. The quality of clothing should be at the highest level, fabrics are needed only natural, environmentally friendly, able to "breathe", soft and pleasant to the body. Therefore, the best choice (for parents to note) is only cotton baby clothes.
These are not empty words, they are really worth listening to if you wish all the best for your child.
Here are some reasons why you should choose cotton clothes:
Air permeability. Those. the baby's skin will definitely feel great, because the baby will not sweat a lot, overheat and get nervous because of this. Cotton fibers have villi and this natural structure allows the skin to breathe freely. But this does not mean that the fabric will allow moisture to pass through, not at all. If you choose a diaper, then again it is better to prefer cotton, the skin will breathe, and moisture will be retained. What you should definitely not do is buy diapers made of artificial fibers, synthetics lead to irritations on the skin.
Cotton is a material that maintains body temperature. The absence of hypothermia or overheating is guaranteed.
Hypoallergenic. Many babies often have allergies. That is why allergic people prefer cotton, and not only in clothes. And for children, all the more you need to carefully choose clothes, toys, etc.
Cotton clothes for a child are perfect for walking. The changeable mood of the weather will not spoil anything, thanks to the ability of the cotton fabric to adapt to new conditions.
Natural fabric does not electrify like synthetic fabric, and this will make your baby feel good.
Children's clothing made of cotton is very delicate, soft, easy to stretch, and therefore does not create constrained movements of the child. And as you know, children are very fond of running, jumping, twisting, and this is good, because physical activity is a guarantee of health. This fabric is also used to sew underwear for both children and adults.

A big plus of cotton clothes in a simple wash. The fabric can be quickly washed, both by hand and in a washing machine. In addition, it has strong durability, so you won't spoil it with powders and frequent washing. Knowing how children get dirty on the street, you can be calm about the safety of things. The cotton fabric is ironed also well and simply.

Cotton items do not dye, they do not contain harmful substances that can destroy the structure of the fabric. She herself is homogeneous, because cotton is picked by hand and there will be no unnecessary waste.

Due to all its properties, cotton clothes are durable, wearable, retain their appearance for a long time, all the other advantages are in the above points.

This is more than enough to opt for cotton clothes for children.

Today there is a huge selection of such practical things for your children. There is a choice of clothes in bright and discreet colors, different styles, sizes, etc. Paints are used without harmful additives, only natural. Therefore, the thing turns out to be both useful and beautiful. Agree not often such a combination can be found!

Recently, smart parents have been purchasing cotton products for their children, because they see the result - a good smiling mood of the child. This means that the baby is comfortable and cozy. This article will be useful for those mom and dad who are planning to have children or expecting their first child. Although older kids also need comfortable and high-quality clothes. Therefore, for unknowing parents, we can safely say that cotton clothing is the best option for your child.

It is believed that the first cotton garment was pajamas or nightgowns. Bohemia is the place of appearance of this wardrobe item, its first name was “skirt for healthy sleep”. Only noble people possessed cotton skirts, and the poor could not afford such a luxury. They had to sleep naked or in old rags. This cotton pajamas quickly gained attention all over Europe, and subsequently became almost a must-have form of clothing for sleep. Although in the daytime under the bottom, under the outerwear, they wore such a shirt. It was worn by both men and women. But the price was still hitting the wallet. Only in the 19th century did the cotton shirt become cheaper. And even further they began to improve this type of clothing, for women, for example, they sewed various laces, it looked very beautiful and feminine as it does now.

The history of cotton itself, as such, goes far back in ancient times. At the moment, it is believed that the first cotton appeared in India, then people have already found it in China and other countries. Then they began to grow and use it in different areas: for clothing, cotton wool, threads and much more are made from it. Already at that time, people realized that this is an environmentally friendly product that should have its place in people's lives, that it will not cause any harm, but only benefit.

As you can see, this is a really used product, and since it is still in great demand in our society, it means it is worth a lot. Everyone loves harmlessness and benefit. And children, although they do not realize it, also prefer cotton clothes. Any loving parent will always notice a smile or displeasure on the baby's face. Clothes that are pleasant to the body cannot in any way cause a storm of negative emotions in a child.

The best part about all this is that the cost of cotton items is not at all overpriced and almost everyone can afford useful purchases. Even if the simplest cotton shirt, for example, cost not 500, but 2000 rubles, it would still not be so sorry to give that kind of money. Better a high-quality expensive thing, but which will serve faithfully for a long time (especially when it comes to children) than a cheap one that lasted 2-3 weeks.

Thus, we can draw a final conclusion: children's clothing made of cotton is a profitable option for both parties: parents and children. Children will feel good and free, and parents will be happy from this. The child is calm - the mother is happy, as they say in the caring advertisement.

Healthy and healthy shopping!

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